Online casinos & ROI

Today’s topic is online casinos. One might say only a fool related entreprenourship to casinos. That can’t make less sense.

Let’s start off by having a brief look at the history of casinos.

As far back as we can remember, people loved to gamble. It’s in our DNA, it makes us feel alive. From the ancient greeks, the romans and all over the world really.

The first known European casino was established in Venice, Italy in 1638.
Americans used to call these types of casinos for Saloons. We see a lot of them in old western movies.

The entreprenours that actually establish casinos usually know what they are doing. And now, thanks to the internet, we have an abundance of casinos.

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Most of these casinos also offer free spins with no-deposit required to bring value to their players.

This channel has really opened up the paths for serious businessmen. There is no business that brings ROI faster than a well organized online casino. Check out Casumo with their new creative marketing for instance.

Casumo is one of those online casinos that were recently established. Their goal is to focus on creating an adventure for their players instead of running a plain old casino.

So how does all this related to entreprenourship? Well, have a closer look at those new online casinos. They have to think outside the box to have an impact on the market. They have embodied perks like achievements and unlockables to keep the players interested.

This goes for all marketing, the more value you can bring to your customers, the happier you will keep them. And the happier they are, the bigger are the chanced that they will invest time on your product or service.

We see the same behaviour in those games of the game development company King. They release addicting games with unlockables and achievements, and their ROI goes straight through the roof.

An important aspect of their success is to make sure they also target mobile users. Since everyone spends more time on their mobiles than their friends nowadays, it must be prioritised as the number one market.

The same goes for the online casinos, there are almost no casinos left that don’t have mobile games. If you wan’t to try a mobile game, make sure you check out their CASINO BONUSES FOR MOBILES.